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A weird and warm welcome

So this blog is going to be a mix of topics that keep me entertained and conversational blogs such as this one. I’m still learning how I’m going to format and go forward with this blog so the next month at least is going to be a mish of stuff. One might say it could even be a mash.

There will be essay type posts coming soon, I have one several in the works including on the breadth of story telling with Pixar and Miyazki, a series about world building in fiction which leads into a how-to series. Also there will be some diversity posts, explanatory posts regarding how and why the term ‘cis’ matters (an old post from an old blog of mine) and others that touch on trans narratives and those topics that touch close to home.

Currently I’m a little less prepared than I had hoped to be, a combination not anticipating how busy December really would be and then the last three days have been taken upw ith worry over my cat, Fili. He ran away on Friday and while  I know where he is I can’t reach him or convince him to come back into the house so I have to set a trap for him today and hope that will finally bring him home.


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