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An update of sorts

There’s been some restructuring behind the scenes around here. I’ve once again gotten myself worked up about meeting expectations. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy really, I want to do something I make plans to do it and I can keep on track for two weeks, then I forget, or I procrastinate and then it becomes this Big Deal™ and I procrastinate even more. 

Not a really sound solution to blogging and beginning a writing career. 

I’m going to try something new here, instead of scheduling deep posts such as the world building posts I’m going to start a thirty days of blogging, set a Max word count of 500wds and write something small every day. Observations, anecdotes, progress reports on various projects, and perhaps a bit more about me.

Fucking something. 

This will either work and be fantastic, or I will crash and burn. Maybe if I have an outside source to set the timer it might help. . . . Who knows.

Right now here’s what’s happening in Finn’s life creatively speaking.

SF Wip: no progress since January stuck in a major section near the end as I was tentpoling the major climax. Also I have decided that the first turn where a betrayal occurs might not last as long as I originally intended and have the conflict between my two protagonists be more external than internal. Basically I need the antagonist to split the pair not the plot. 

Romantic fantasy WIP: this is not new. This is a fic I finished in 2015. It’s started it’s life off as Hobbit fanfiction and is getting a facelift. I’m working on some background world building to take the place if the overt and obvious Tolkien influences so that by the time this thing is ready to publish the bigger stuff won’t be as obvious.

Painting: I’ve taken up painting. Both acrylic and watercolour. I dabble in both and have been really enjoying it as a stress reliever. I might post some of the finished pieces I’ve done in the last few months. 

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