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Fourth quarter and a look back

So I had a lot of ideas at the beginning of the year, especially regarding knitting. That tends to happen when I start looking at projects and am in the middle of a knitting high. The problem with that is I spent December knitting socks and gave myself carpel tunnel.

I tried to knit for a while into January and had a decent start on the find your fade shawl, but my hands were hurting all the time and I really couldn’t get as far as I wanted. So I had to put the needles down.

It didn’t help that when I did pick the needles back up again I lost my place and screwed up the count on my stitches so horribly it was a more humane death to rip it out and start something new.

That doesn’t mean I’ve done nothing just that my work has been sporadic. I’ve picked up writing again and I’m working on two projects one for nanowrimo and a fanfic set in the MCU.

I’ve also been drawing some. I’ve worked on some multimedia things, I’ve picked up and set aside a bullet journal on two occasions this year. I’ve tried watercolor and really like it. And I’ve decided to take my spinning wheel apart to clean and stain it.

With nano 2018 happening soon I’m taking October to do the preptober challenges that are hanging around on Instagram. Feel free to check that out. When the month ends I might collate all photos and do a full post about it. I’m trying to get into the habit of using this again and not depend on other social media outlets to be my only visibility.

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