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Avengers: Endgame

Dear gods, did anyone else see the trailer? Of course you have, are you dying like me? It’s absolutely killing me. Tony, just holy shit, Tony. So now I have to write absolutely painful fic to make it worse. 

That’s the goal. 

Strife has challenged me to write 10k of fic. That’s it, that’s my max word count. I am kind of petrified. Especially since the idea I have could expand to 100k with a breeze. 

But I will perservere and I will beat the shit out of this wordcount. I just have to be strict with my scenes. No dilly dallying with extra shots or places. I think I heard it from Writing excuses that each location change adds 500 words, each character is around the same. I have several location changes planned for Tony but his POV is a travel arc, I can imply many locations, and just keep it to showing about four, max six. The characters and people he meets can be extras, I want his travel and existence to be lonely for a reason. 

Steve’s POV is going to have more people that gradually diminishes as the fic progresses. So much tinkering to get this right. Also angst, because it’s me and why write something if I can’t make it hurt a little. 

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