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Dystopia From the Rock — Pre-Order Blitz

I am super excited to announce this! Dystopia from the Rock goes on Pre-order today! I am in this, this is my first short story. Friends, readers, people vaguely interested in the ramblings upon this page, it would warm the desiccated cockles of my heart if you would please avail yourselves of the following link: Amazon Canada Pre-order and buy a copy of the e-book. It’s $2.99 and you will have 32 stories from Atlantic Canadian authors.

I will be posting a few more times as the day goes on, and my social media is this for a today.

What would I do without memes to express basic emotions? I don’t know but holy crap I can legitimately say buy my book and I’m a little freaked by that. I might have a longer post later, it might just be a reminder link again. In the meantime. check it out!

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