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Daily Blogging: Prompt Make a List of What I want to do this summer. 

Hi again. 

I’m going to try and do this daily Blogging thing and see how it goes, kay? Kay. The prompt I found for this is list your summer want list. Not sure how much this fits into a theme I have but hey it’s words, so it’s going here. 

Outdoor Activities

  • cook out on the beach
  • take the dog to the beach
  • Gypsum Quarry trail
  • Skyline trail 
  • Louisburg and a picnic
  • Pride week in Halifax 


  • Finish three paintings 
  • learn more skills for water colour
  • Develop more of a sense of drawing and seeing shapes


  • Re-draft Interludes — likely retitle as well
  • write more flash fiction

    Other things include hanging out with friends, barbequing and setting aside from money for Hal-con in September. That’s all for now. This blog though 21 minutes late for Tuesday, counts as Tuesdays blog. 

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