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I am so excited, I pulled this win out of the ether with twenty minutes to spare. I became a rebel halfway through this month to finish up a fanfic I’ve been working on since May. It needed so much restructuring and I had to rewrite at least 40% of it. 

So all tolled, I wrote maybe 4k for Off the Grid, I wrote a blog post, and I wrote a bunch of world building stuff for the universe that Off the Grid is set and then started looking at Drifting Sands to tidy it up. 

And found it was a mess. 

Not unsalvagable but holy shit the one tiny change I made in the beginning of the fic for the location created it’s own butterfly effect. So I had to rewrite most of chapter two, add a bucket of things to chapter three and four. And rewrite most of five, and all of six.

Now, I’m exhausted, I have some last minute editing to do and I work backshift tonight. 

I’m trying something new this month, I’m going to see if I keep up daily blog here while I do some writerly things and more creative pursuits. Just of the cuff, nothing really edited or article-esque at this point. 

I’m also participating in Worldember over at WorldAnvil. If you want to see what I’m writing and what I’m doing there you can watch the progress here or follow my worlds over there. Would love to see people. 

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