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Weekly Round Up

What I’m doing: Not much. It’s post backshift and I’ve been up for a few hours, but I get easily distracted by things. Like getting lost on tumblr, and changing the blog theme for the eightieth time. I spent a lot of the week knitting, will have a post up later with progress or stick on instagram. I got some paperwork signed for surgery, which is also going to need another phone call to the dr about the paperwork, but nothing is ever simple.

What I’m reading: Not much, my headphones are missing, I’m getting a new pair, but given my concentration is fucked so the point I haven’t read much in months, I’m a little miffed. However, I just got a link to a wingfic that I’m hoping to read the crap out of soon.

What I’m watching: Binged A Discovery of Witches this weekend, I need there to be a second season now, in the meantime I’m going to have to reread the trilogy. Roommates and I are watching Titans which is definitely interesting, dark but not grimdark, there’s enough humour and heart to carry it. Star Trek Discovery started up again which is fantastic and I love it to so much. Tilly is the best person ever and I love her. I loved her last season but suddenly this season I’m watching and the first episode just gut punched me with one line, I’m paraphrasing because I can’t find the exact quote: “Don’t die out there. I know it’s dangerous and you’re not supposed to promise things. Lie to me?”

What I’m listening to: Not much at this point, I caught up with Be the Serpent and Writing Excuses podcasts, I lost my headphones and I’ve been without them for two weeks which was just untennable. Dear sweet fuck I hated not having them. I ordered a new set and they arrived today (21.01.19) are charged up and ready to go, so I finally start listening to books again. I’m super behind on my audible list,I’ve got three of the Doomsday cycle books up and ready to go, I also picked up A Hat Full of Midnight and The Truth by Terry Pratchett as I continue to go through the entire discworld set.

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