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Day three is late

Yesterday culminated in the posting of a fic I’ve been working on since May. 46k of finished fic, closer to 60k+ of actual writing and rewriting. Two betas and four edit passes, and an artist in a pear tree.

It’s been wild and some of it just non existent as I let the fic settle and then changed everything as I started editing. At one point I changed something that seemed so insignificant aside from cosmetic changes that I assumed it would be a quick switch out of minor details.


That change alone cut almost 15,000 words from my fic in edits. I lost the last two chapters and had to rewrite them from ground up. The second and third chapter were edits that became changes that became rewrites as I kept going back to them.

Plotlines were scrapped in favour of tightening the narrative. Things changed a lot from where it was originally to where it landed yesterday.

I am so so happy about this fic and what I did to work on it and how I pushed myself to the task. This is why I love fanfiction. This is why I write it. It’s fun but it’s challenging and it gives me opportunities I don’t usually get.

If you’re interested Drifting Sands is located through the link. It’s a marvel cinematic universe fanfiction, takes place between civil war and infinity war. Mind the tags and the warnings on the fic it’s explicit for those who don’t care for smut.

Also, Tumblr is getting ready to shit the bed with its new policies and I feel like I’m going through strike through all over again. So I might be importing a lot of old material here.

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