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Month: January 2019

World Building With World Anvil

Some of you may know that I write fan fiction. I’ve written it on and off for about a decade and change. The last big project I did with fanfic had so much world building involved in the making of it I’ve decided to restructure it and create something new from the bones. I’ve been on and off world building the bits and pieces of the world the story will come to inhabit, but if anyone is interested in following along, would like to see the progress I’m making in it as I forge ahead would be swell.

Most of the information is staying public until I get closer to publishing, even then I’m seeking either small press or self publishing which gives me some more options. Spoilers for the story will be kept secret and I’ll be adding short stories and snippets to fill out the world as I go.

If you’re interested in following along with me as build Evras from the ground up, you’re welcome to join me either by clicking the link below or by clicking the image at the top of the page. I’ll be mentioning things here as I update the world but if you want to keep up in realtime give it a follow.



In other news, I’m still working on the meta post for morally grey characters, I’ve been a bit busier than I expected with work and I’ve started weaving with a friend but I’m hoping to finish the meta within the next three days.

Anyone who’s responded to the forms for the podcast, fear not, I’ve not forgotten about you, I’m hoping to find a spare minute to sit down with my equipment and get something in the bag for a first episode. I’ll be sending out emails for those interested to settle possible dates and such.

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Weekly Round Up

What I’m doing: Not much. It’s post backshift and I’ve been up for a few hours, but I get easily distracted by things. Like getting lost on tumblr, and changing the blog theme for the eightieth time. I spent a lot of the week knitting, will have a post up later with progress or stick on instagram. I got some paperwork signed for surgery, which is also going to need another phone call to the dr about the paperwork, but nothing is ever simple.

What I’m reading: Not much, my headphones are missing, I’m getting a new pair, but given my concentration is fucked so the point I haven’t read much in months, I’m a little miffed. However, I just got a link to a wingfic that I’m hoping to read the crap out of soon.

What I’m watching: Binged A Discovery of Witches this weekend, I need there to be a second season now, in the meantime I’m going to have to reread the trilogy. Roommates and I are watching Titans which is definitely interesting, dark but not grimdark, there’s enough humour and heart to carry it. Star Trek Discovery started up again which is fantastic and I love it to so much. Tilly is the best person ever and I love her. I loved her last season but suddenly this season I’m watching and the first episode just gut punched me with one line, I’m paraphrasing because I can’t find the exact quote: “Don’t die out there. I know it’s dangerous and you’re not supposed to promise things. Lie to me?”

What I’m listening to: Not much at this point, I caught up with Be the Serpent and Writing Excuses podcasts, I lost my headphones and I’ve been without them for two weeks which was just untennable. Dear sweet fuck I hated not having them. I ordered a new set and they arrived today (21.01.19) are charged up and ready to go, so I finally start listening to books again. I’m super behind on my audible list,I’ve got three of the Doomsday cycle books up and ready to go, I also picked up A Hat Full of Midnight and The Truth by Terry Pratchett as I continue to go through the entire discworld set.

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