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Finn Beaton is an aspiring writer . . . okay let’s cut the crap, I’m a writer. I’ve been writing on and off since I was in high school and have been creating stories for far longer. I’m on my way to publishing my first novel and intend to follow that up with many more. I suppose you’re wondering who I am, or how you found this place. Perhaps you’re even wondering why you should stick around when there are so many other writing blogs and writers out there on the interwebs. The answer is simple, I want to be more entertaining than the rest of them. I also crave validation and have this persistent feeling that I’m worth listening to, you’ll have to be the judge of the latter, but I will confirm the former here and now.

Here be writer, Validate me.

Let’s start with the basics. I’m a thirty-five year old trans man. By day I’m a mild mannered Licensed Practical Nurse. I work full time in the Extended Treatment Acute Mental Health. The rest of the time I’m an unmitigated nerd. I mean seriously, Homer Simpson level “NEEERD”. I was a band geek all through school and I was the science club in junior high. I’m one pocket protector and a pair of glasses away from complete dork.

I love this about me. I love being a dork. I love getting excited over High Res pictures of Pluto. I love Science Fiction, and Fantasy. My parents instilled a love of reading in me since I was a child, and I’ve had a library card since I was a year old.  I grew up with fairy tales and when I started picking out my own books to read I gravitated to Horror with the R.L Stine’s Fear Street Series. Of course, Stephen King and Dean Koontz  quickly followed.

I didn’t find fantasy until I was in high school and by that time I had read all of my local library’s romance section. Desperate for something to read. ANYTHING to read I found Fionavar Tapestry. And promptly devoured it. Then I read more. All of these other worlds opened up. Other places. Not just here, and being stuck in the world I live in. I could be someone else, I could read about elves or humans from other worlds and places having very different problems and yet still relate to them.

This is the reason for fiction, I’m not new in my need for escapism and finding relevance and connection through the written word.

My  current projects include a science fiction series set  three  or four hundred years in our future, this blog, and some short fiction.