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Fourth quarter and a look back

So I had a lot of ideas at the beginning of the year, especially regarding knitting. That tends to happen when I start looking at projects and am in the middle of a knitting high. The problem with that is I spent December knitting socks and gave myself carpel tunnel.

I tried to knit for a while into January and had a decent start on the find your fade shawl, but my hands were hurting all the time and I really couldn’t get as far as I wanted. So I had to put the needles down.

It didn’t help that when I did pick the needles back up again I lost my place and screwed up the count on my stitches so horribly it was a more humane death to rip it out and start something new.

That doesn’t mean I’ve done nothing just that my work has been sporadic. I’ve picked up writing again and I’m working on two projects one for nanowrimo and a fanfic set in the MCU.

I’ve also been drawing some. I’ve worked on some multimedia things, I’ve picked up and set aside a bullet journal on two occasions this year. I’ve tried watercolor and really like it. And I’ve decided to take my spinning wheel apart to clean and stain it.

With nano 2018 happening soon I’m taking October to do the preptober challenges that are hanging around on Instagram. Feel free to check that out. When the month ends I might collate all photos and do a full post about it. I’m trying to get into the habit of using this again and not depend on other social media outlets to be my only visibility.

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2018 Knitting Queue

Knit Queue

Well, 2018 is here and I’ve spent the last year with a whole lot of plans to get this site off the ground and ended up doing very little to even try. So instead of focusing on writing specifically this year I’m going to just focus on personal blogging and get something written for a change. Figure I would start the year off with my knitting plans and then go from there.

Find Your Fade

First up is Find your Fade by Andrea Mowry. Asymmetrical triangle shawl that uses colour melting to blend yarn colours to get a fade from one shade to another. My plan is to shift from red through oranges then blues to purples. I’m using mostly stash yarn and I was happy to find not only stash I really wanted to use but a colour shift I was happy with. The Deep red Diamond Luxury Yarn is a discontinued line of Soxy, in cranberry, I have about a skein left from when I bought it ten years ago. I’ve tried using it a couple of times but ending up frogging several projects.

Next colour is another discontinued brand, Waterloo Wools, an indie dyer from Ontario, who had some gorgeous gorgeous colours. The colourway is Santa Fe and it’s much oranger than the bottom left picture shows, I couldn’t find a decent colour and I lost the band years ago, I think it’s Algonquin, which is a silk merino blend. Next up, playing up the orangey reds in the Santa Fe is Fleece Artist Blue Faced Leicester Sock yarn in a special colourway from Baadeck Yarns called Baddeck Sunset. It’s orangey with pinks and reds sprinkled through. That weird yellowing filtered pic is a shitty approximation, once I get to that colour I will start taking pictures.

The next sock yarn is Opal Sock in the Van Gogh colour ways, the street cafe that has a lot of oranges but brings in some deep blues and greys. This colour is the transition from the reds into the cooler tones and I’m so excited to see how this shapes up. The next colourway is Malvin in Manos Del Uruguay Allegria, followed by Sheepy Time Knits on Sheepy Feet In Oncoming Storm. The Oncoming storm colour is too blue to transition nicely into the Araucania Ranco Sock in purples and pinks pictured bottom right so I a possible one with the Tannat from the Allegria line, but I knit a sock in that variety and think it’s way too red to do the right colour shift, so I’m waiting to pick up a colourway from My Fair Ladies in a few weeks achieve the right shift.

The next batch don’t require as much typing, holy crap.

Entrechat is a gorgeous little sweater for my cousin’s two little girls. I have the bottom colourway all ready to go. It’s Cascade 220 superwash Wave in Spring. The colourshift is much nicer than the picture appears and it’s a self striping but a slow one. I’m torn between the light and dark purple for the older daughter.

Braken By Ann Rowden is a bulky weight child’s sweater that I’m queuing up to knit for another cousin’s two boys. I’m thinking of doing this in Cascade 220 speckled, but the jury is still out and I’ve got a few other colours and yarns to look at before I get there.

Wurm by Katushika is a slouch style hat. The planned yarn is Sugar Bush Bold which is thicker than the suggested yarn so there is some math to figure out but it’s a quick knit and really gorgeous. These hats are going to be for my roomates.

Entwine is a super chunky ribbed scarf in Cascade Magnum. I’m making three, they take about two balls of Magnum to get a decent length, although for Dennis’ scarf I might need two and half because he’s so fricken tall.

Persian Dreams by Jenise Hope, this is one of those things I want to pick at and just pick random colours from the Knit picks palette I have lying around. I will probably need more white at some point for the edge, but I’m not looking at dealing with that until I’m near putting them together.

Flax by Tincanknits is a worsted weight sweater with a garter stitch decoration at the arms. I’m planning on using Brown Sheep Company in Lanaloft Solid, Botanical Gardens. I bought four cones of it a few years ago for my dad’s sweater and only ended up using a cone and a half for his sweater.

Usonian By Dee O’Keefe is a triangular shawl with a simple lace pattern showing off the stunning colours. I’m planning on using Manos Del Uruguay Fino a silk merino blend single in Brass Button and the mini skein set called Augusta which includes Silver Tea Set, Watered Silk, Storm Glass, Peacock Plume, Mourning.

Fallston By Dee O’Keefe another colourwork shawl in Manos Del Uruguay, this time in the colour collection Georgiana, which includes Damas, Peacock Plume, Velvet Pincushion, Brass Button, and Poison. This is only 450 metres, about 492 yards, and I’m still missing about 200 yds. If I finish Usonian first, I can add what colours I don’t use from that into this. I have 1390 metres of Fino, that gives me 690 metres per pattern. This pattern requires at most 613 metres, and the other is 622 metres. I might have to play yarn chicken with a couple of colours but hopefully I’ll be good.

Ranger Cowl By Michael Vloedman is a glorious architectural hooded cowl with a description so funny and fantastic I needed to purchase it. I’m looking at using Ashford Tekapo held double in either of the three colours pictures, or whatever I have in my stash at time.

Redford by Julie Hoover is a bottom up fingering weight sweater with garter stitch side panels and it looks gorgeous and I can’t wait to knit it Knit Picks Palette Victorian Love Letter Sampler I picked up last year.

I have three WIPS as well, Caledonia, a circular shawl I’m designing, and the Baby Surprise Jacket. Hopefully I will be able to keep to this plan. I’ve rejoined a few forms on Ravelry, the Anhk-Morpork Guild Wars, and The Lord of the Rings Stash Quest. With the exception of the hats and the four baby sweaters, I don’t have to purchase outside of my stash. The baby sweaters require superwash, they’re for children under the age of eight.

Overall this is good start on my stash, and hopefully once I catologue it and figure everything out I’ll have a better idea.

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