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Nano Survival kit

It’s Nano time! If you’ve found my blog you know what nanowrimo is and what you need to do. Have you’ve decided to join in the candy fueled demonic competition to get fifty thousand words out of your brain and spewed haphazardly into the word document program of your choice?

If you have I have some handy tips and a collection of stuff I use to survive the careening death race that is nanowrimo.

Let’s get Physical

Olivia Newton John video let’s get physical

Thing one! Something to write with, be it a notebook or laptop or tablet with a keyboard, you and I need something that can and will keep up with the fury that comes with the screaming hellfires called upon by dark magicks to unleash the words deep within your soul.

Or ya know, you need a place to keep that shit.

Even if you’re not using a notebook to write the depths of your feelings, I highly recommend one for the ephemera that collects around writing. Outlines, character notes, the half mad ramblings that might strike you in the depths of the night when you’re alone with your chittering thoughts.

Also it’s great if you decide to write a sequel to know who has green eyes or what not even if the casting department of.your future movie franchise fuck it up in the most spectacular way and the editing department drops the ball in colour correction.

The next thing you’re going to need is somewhere to write. This could an office, your bedroom. Under the bed, deep in the nether realm whilst the demons torment you upon their wicked torture devices.

Starbucks is also good.

Starbucks pumpkin spiced latte surfing in space

Just find a place where you can cut the bullshit and write. It’s 1667 a day until November 30th and there is no time whatsoever for fucking around. 

On top of a laptop/notebook, I’ve got my writing bullet journal, a pencil case with some of my favourite pens and mildliners, and a messenger bag to make it easy to travel to the coffee shop or library when necessary. 

Onto the apps

Bruce Almighty Jim Carrey typing gif

So you’ve either got your phone or a laptop and the next step is what the hell program am I going to use? Lots use Scrivener, I’ve tried, several times, I own the program. The problem is that while the MAC version might be a program sent from the heavens, the windows version is the bastardized love child cobbled together with twine and bubblegum with arcane and demonic sigils in it’s inspector. 

It’s not what I’m used to and I’m on the tail end of millennial crowd so I’m kind of straddling the get off my lawn divide when I find a new app. I like Word, it works on my computer and it doesn’t die a horrible death and I don’t spend hours trying to figure out what thingy does what.

That being said, is fan-fucking-tastic. I’m easily entertained and I like constant validation to keep me fed and happy and not terrified of the inevitable grim parade of my gradual and permanent obsolescence as time ever marches forth. 

I use a combination of Spotify, Google Music, and youtube for music and videos and anything that keeps the silence at bay. Atmospheric Sci-fi playlist is what I’m using to get me in the mood for my nano novel. Anything instrumental generally. 

Focus apps work for some, I usually pick a monster on 4the words and whinge while writing the first 15 minutes until the muse finally shows up and helps with the ideas. 

Please don’t forget to eat

Patrick from Spongebob eating and drooling

Hey, do yourself and me a favour, have more than a passing relationship with a vegetable during this month. Fastfood and quick meals are all well and good, but your body will thank you when you don’t come down with the after effects of a con plague and scurvy form a demonic pact to use your lungs as a five star hotel for it’s weird assed children. 

Kimmy schmidt gif of the titular character in a candy store exclaiming I’m having Candy for Dinner

Sure candy for supper sounds like a great idea, and I have in fact done it. It’s awesome. Not more than one night in a row. Order hello fresh if you can afford it, find a place in your home town that does kitchen meals. Where I’m from we have a place called skip the kitchen it’s a great bit of homemade style meals that are actually healthy. 

Have a salad, go for a walk. Do not forget to clean things. Your brain, your family, and your life will thank you. 

Also laundry, trust me. 

Reward yourself with things 

a hot cup of tea on a desk with steam curling from the mug

Reward yourself, nothing big, but create a system where you celebrate every single victory you can drag from unholy grip of the hellbeasts that control this month. Hit 5k? Celebrate with a cup of your favourite tea and your favourite game. Hit 10K buy yourself something. Go to a movie. DO SOMETHING NICE FOR YOURSELF. 

Let me repeat that. 

Writing is fucking hard. It’s fucking work. 

Anderson from BBC sherlock collapsing in a pile of horrible plot contrivances and shitty writing

You need to reward yourself for the shit you do. There is no later, there is no next hill. Or rather there’s always another hill, a bigger acheivement. Just celebrate them now.

Okay that’s it I’m out of here! My roommate mutated the con plague she got last week and now has decided to give it to myself and her husband, anyone have any good remedies to kick a sinus thing in the ass before it takes me out? I always get a shitty November chest infection and I’d like to avoid it this time around.”

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