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Mission Statement

Primarily, my website and by extension my blog is a platform for my writing and my works. It is a way for me to control my social media presence. The mandate of this website is to promote diversity in fiction and in characterization. To be a voice for change in a world that seems to be going backwards. The recent election in the US and the fostering of hatred, intolerance, and cruelty to minorities has shown me that I can no longer remain silent and hope for a better outcome. I am part of a minority, I am trans, and my community is under threat around the world. If I can use my voice to educate, aide, and protect others, then it is necessary for me to do so.

I promise never to speak from a place of privilege — and rectify those moments I fail — ¬†to allow the voices of those oppressed to speak for themselves. To listen to what they have to say about their story and their fears. I promise to ensure kind, honest, respectful discussion within the comments. And I would like to make one point very clear within this setting, topics that are discussed here, discussions of social change are not thought experiments.

I shall repeat that. Discussions of social change are not thought experiments. When I discuss misgendering, deadnaming, those are my lived experiences, these are not thought experiments from the sidelines. Likewise should a guest blogger discuss racism, or religious intolerance, those will be from lived first experience. So when we discuss oppression in all it’s forms we are discussing it from a position of having experienced it, knowing it exists, and wanting to change it. We are not talking in hypothetical conversations where no one gets hurt.

That is why figures of speech such as reductio ad absurdum, and argument fallacies such as ad hominem attacks will be heavily monitored. Reductio ad absurdum renders a person’s experience to a level of absurdity as to remove their personhood, and ad hominem attacks will just get you banned.

Overall I want this website to be a safespace, as much as any place on the internet can. I will make sure to tag and warn appropriately when there are topics containing sensitive matters.